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Looking for boho chic clothing?

Boho chic is a bohemian style of dress that has become popular in recent years for its bohemian vibe and modest yet sexy aesthetic. This bohemian vibe is now popular among fashion designers for its bohemian aesthetic that will never go out of style.

Boho chic is perfect for any woman who wants to feel sexy and comfortable but does not want to show a lot of skin. It's also a great style option for those with an active lifestyle as it can be worn while running errands around town or out to dinner with friends.

Our bohemian clothing guide will help you build the perfect boho chic wardrobe to fit any woman’s style and personality. You will find pieces ranging from boho dresses to comfortable loungewear.

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What is boho chic style?

It can be anything from flowing maxi dresses to boho-chic skirts, or even bohemian dresses. In this post, we will explore the different styles of bohemian chic clothes you can wear as well as where to buy them online!

This boho chic style typically features long flowing skirts, light-colored fabrics such as chiffon or linen, and flat sandals for a relaxed feel. It's an eclectic style that reflects its bohemian roots and is perfect for any woman who wants to feel beautiful, sexy, and comfortable.

If you're looking to start dressing more boho chic this summer without breaking the bank then we've got your back! Here are some great bohemian chic clothing pieces to try out.

- boho chic kimono top

- bohemian style maxi skirt

- bohemian dress with lace sleeves and a ruffle hemline (great for wearing during the summer)

- long sleeve bohemian blouse in chiffon or linen fabric

What is bohemian chic clothing?

Bohemian clothing is traditionally an eclectic mix of bohemian, hippie, Native American style as well as global accents with a modern touch. The boho chic style is perfect for women who are looking for cute clothes but don't want to sacrifice their boho casual vibe.

Boho Style Contemporary Style

Bohemian skirts

Bohemian skirt styles can vary from long and flowing to short, with different types of fabric. The top bohemian chic clothing pieces are usually made out of cotton or other natural materials like hemp. Skirts should be loose fitting but still flowy so they don't get in the way while walking around!

Maxi dresses

Boho dresses are going to be your go-to bohemian chic clothing piece. They come in a variety of styles, including the long maxi dress and shorter bohemian skirts or bohemian mini dresses. Maxi boho chic dresses can also have flowy sleeves that reach past your wrist


Flowy dresses are another part of the boho look and style. The bohemian dress can come in a variety of styles, but one thing they all have in common is loose-fitting and flowing fabrics that create an airy feel! They should be long enough to cover your bum or maxi skirts so you don't get any unwanted looks.


The perfect boho top should be lightweight and flowy to keep you cool on a hot day! For the summer, this style can include tops with short sleeves or long sleeved shirts that are loosely fit around your body.

Bohemian Style Pairings

Styling is effortless with the bohemian chic clothing. Because it's an eclectic mix of different fabrics, colors, and patterns, you can create a unique look for any time of day.

Mixing your new maxi dress with some sandals is the perfect summer outfit idea. Or pair with our favorite accessories below:


A boho look isn't complete without a hat! Shop for straw or woven hats with an oversized scarf for an effortless layered look.


Sandals should be flat, comfortable, and lightweight so they don't get uncomfortable while walking around town! Leather sandals would also work well with the boho style.


The perfect accessories to wear with your boho chic outfits are long necklaces, chunky bracelets, and statement earrings! You want to keep your jewelry lightweight so you don't feel weighed down while walking around town in the heat. If you're looking for some new jewelry to add to your boho fashion, check out our Sisterhood shop for the latest jewelry styles.

Where did boho chic come from?

Boho chic clothing was popularized by bohemian figures in late 19th century France. The style of dress is reminiscent of Eastern European peasantry from centuries ago. It also has roots in 1960's hippie culture as well as the American "flower children" generation which followed.

The bohemian chic look is typically characterized by a long dress with tie dye, a lighter color palette, peasant dresses and clothes made of textiles like cotton. The fashion aesthetic has grown over the past decades with major retailers like Free People and Anthropologie.

Shop the Boho Look

Boho chic clothing is bohemian style with a twist for the modern woman. The free flowing fabrics, loose-fitting clothes as well as bohemian skirts or dresses are perfect for any woman's summer wardrobe! If you're looking to start dressing more boho chic this summer without breaking the bank then we've got your back! Check out some clothing styles from our latest collection and take advantage of our free shipping sitewide!


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