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Empowering Female-Owned Businesses

In the spirit of empowerment we have developed what we like to call a “Sisterhood”. We have partnered with a variety of female-owned companies to help promote their brand. All our orders will receive a sample from one of these small businesses. If you love the product please consider going to their website and supporting their dreams. While we won’t be carrying their products on our site, you can come here to learn more about the companies we are featuring and the women behind them. If you are a female owned business and you are interested in joining our tribe, please contact us at


Current Partners


Aqualime Skincare

After obtaining her Bachelors of Art in Fashion Merchandising, Tenesha worked in retail management for 7 years. Always having an eye for detail, she used her creative skills throughout the years until she found her niche. From product design and development to sourcing US grown ingredients, every detail has been carefully selected and created from her vision. Every product is always lovingly handmade with natural ingredients that are botanically infused, cruelty free and scented with pure essential oils. I hope you love and enjoy my products and make Aqualime part of your daily skin and body care routine. ~ Tenesha


Wax Apothecary

Diana started making candles by hand when she was a kid. She was working in the fashion & costume industry when she started making all-natural candles as gifts for colleagues & clients. The candles were so well received she decided to start an artisan candle company: Wax Apothecary in 2013. The company slowly grew as a side project while she worked full-time as a designer and creative director until 2019 when she transitioned into working full-time for Wax Apothecary and moved the company to the magical mountain town of Idyllwild California where it continues to thrive today. Wax Apothecary's natural handmade herbal and botanical candles are made with plant-based wax & do not contain any chemicals or additives. Every candle has a lead-free cotton wick and is perfumed with genuine, natural essential oil(s) and essential oil blends. Each candle is handmade using artisan methods to infuse the wax with the natural oils and blend in dried flora to create Wax Apothecary's authentic botanical & herbal fragrances.

A Natural Alternative

20+ years ago I was constantly in the local craft stores where a hot item was the “melt and pour” soaps. I was intrigued and started making glycerin soaps for friends. It was during this time that I started to learn about my own issues: that avoiding many preservatives and ingredients would make my skin look and feel so much better. I started to eat healthier and search for healthier options for my skin as well. Quickly I had too much for my friends and family to use, so I started selling it at craft shows. It still amazes me to this day that anyone bought those early bars and encouraged me to make more. We can now be found in retail stores all over the country! I hope you enjoy using the product as much as I love making them for you.


Walton Wood Farms

Made in the USA & Canada. A love story, an adventure, and a scrappy start-up tale. Leslie needed to be dropped off in the wilderness. Peter had a floatplane. The pair fell in love, bought a farm, and began making bath salts in their country kitchen. Today they offer over 80 unique, consciously crafted & thoughtfully packaged personal care products. Many of them named for their own life experiences. A story lives at the heart of every single Walton Wood Farm product. We are committed to making high-quality products made with sustainable ingredients, helping to protect both our history and the environment for future generations. We craft all our products based on providing you with the benefits of natural essential oils, butter, waxes, and extracts.



Steele Family Farm

We are a small hobby farm located near Washington, Oklahoma. We have four growing boys and we started our venture in 2008 when we purchased our vacant land. When we first started we weren’t sure exactly what our niche was going to be. When we found out goat milk soap worked for our son's eczema, Steele Family Farm was born. Ultimately we decided to start our handmade goat milk soap business. It’s fun, lets us be creative and best of all it makes people happy to use our products. Please visit to see all their products ad learn more about this lovely family. 


Healthy Body Investment

Healthy Body Investment LLC began in 2016 in southeastern Michigan. It all started because of Dales passion, motivation, and interest in the science behind using natural/green products on her own skin. With this passion, she taught herself how to make and produce her formulas to ensure that they are 100% natural/green for you. Please visit to see the amazing self care products made by Dale Ann and her family.


"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful woman who have her back."