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Fair Anita

Tetris Double-Strand Necklace


This is a gorgeous delicate double-strand necklace. The geometric charms in this classic necklace almost look like they fit together, just like in Tetris! This necklace is convertible: easily remove one strand to wear one strand at a time, if preferred. Made from recycled brass-plated metal. Nickel-free.

Necklace layers measure 21” and 27” with a 3.5” extender chain.

Made in India

About Fair Anita

Fair Anita is a fair-trade company that works with 8,000+ talented women around the world. The Minnesota-based team designs jewelry and accessories that are made by artisans who use recycled and upcycled materials. Fair Anita's mission is to invest in women. Artisans earn 2-4 times the minimum wage in their country, as well as health insurance and education stipends for their children