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Live Rocks

Wide Brimmed Felt Hat - Beige



This wide-brimmed hat will be a  great accessory to add to your hat collection. This hat is a fashionable alternative to a beanie or baseball hat. Just throw it on and go!

About Liv Rocks

Liv Rocks is the TOP distributor of boho jewelry + cute accessories. Our line includes jewelry, energy healing crystals + accessories, all a curated collection of nature's bounty + found beauty. It is important to note that we ethically source Earth's gems from all over the globe. Shop our ethically sourced bulk metaphysical crystal healing products, chakra stones, meditation home decor, pendulums, sage smudge bundles + more at wholesale prices that will make your soul happy. In 2017 Liv, then 9 years old, started bringing crystals and pocket stones to children in her classroom as she found it helped them feel less anxious. More parents and kids wanted crystal sets, minerals, or assorted rocks so organically Liv Rocks was born. We now offer a full assortment of your best-selling healing crystals, jewelry, and accessories. My healing crystals are selected to create a calm, peaceful environment + maintain optimal wellness levels. Thanks for stopping by and supporting small businesses. Thanks for supporting a KIDpreneur and I hope you love all the pieces, sets, accessories, and jewelry that my shop offers. We are based in Northern CA. x o, L I V